Episode Guide




Because you demanded it!

Night of the Living Rob –  Pilot episode hosting Night of the Living Dead with Andy Cobb as Rob the Zombie.
Monsters 101 – Griffin examines the classic monsters of the screen with Matt Bearden as Turban Bey and Jon Wiley as Renfield.
The Little Train that Bled – 2 Part hosting with David Lampe as Hrak.
Hippies Shouldn’t Play with Shadowy Things – 2 Part hosting with Marc Pruter as Julius
Asylum – 2 Part Hosting with Ed Carter as Dr. Fraud
Christmas Episode #1 – With Sam Ray as Spritle the Elf.
Bela Tribute – A Griffin hosted tribute to Hollywood’s dark prince, Bela Lugosi.
She-Beast – 2 part hosting with Hilary Jones as Valda the Witch.
White Zombie – 2 part hosting with Andy Fisher as Karl the Hunchback.

Criswell’s Brain – 2 Part hosting of Plan 9 from Outer Space, and Criswell’s first appearance.
Last Man, New Assistant – 2 part hosting with the first appearance of Dan-Dan.
Stakes and Hammer – Hammer films tribute and the first appearance of Usher.
Silent Night – Christmas themed hosting of Nosferatu.
Double Bill – Independent horror films Shadows of the Dead, and Where the Dead Live.
Bloody Buckets – 2 part hosting with Cole Spainhour as Gravely Snodgrass.
Ted Mikels Tribute – Honoring the creator of Astro Zombies and Corpse Grinders
That Little Monster – WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE of Paul Bunnell’s creepy classic.
The Wolf Dan – 2 part hosting with Dan-Dan transformed!
Freddy and Jason – Tribute to Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Hackenslash – Live appearance at the World Premiere of Freddy vs. Jason.
The Underground – 2 part exhibition of Horror Hosts from around the country.
Devil in the Details – 2 part hosting where Usher sells her soul!
Holiday Special – An Old fashioned TV Christmas special.
Creating Life – 2 part exhibition featuring Tales of Frankenstein and Dead Girls.
Vincent Price Tribute –  Griffin’s solo episode honoring Vincent Price.
Vampire Killers – 2 part exhibition with James Fotinos as WOLF GRIFFIN and Van Helsing!
Calling Dr. Blood – 2 part exhibition of Dr. Blood’s Coffin featuring SPLUNGE-O-VISION!

Jack Pierce Tribute – Television premiere of Jack Pierce: The Man Behind the Monsters
Springy Thing – 2 part Horror Host Underground hosting of EQUINOX
Trailer-Rama – Halloween episode  filled with Coming Attraction trailers of horror classics!
(produced as a Goodwill Industries Exclusive- seen at all 18 Central Texas Goodwill store locations!)
Universal Horrors –  A look at horror output from Universal Studios- past and present.
Holiday Magic – Get  Christmasy once again  with the return of Sam Ray as Spritle the Elf!
Dracula Today! – 2 part hosting of Satanic Rites of Dracula, with guest Jason Henderson.
Midnight Film Fest! –  2 part presentation of independent short films, C.O.G. vs. the
Phantom, Go Go Johnny Kill!, Nerve, and Joe Nosferatu – homeless vampire!
Chuck Amok!  – An examination of the films of Chucky the Killer Doll!
1000 Faces – Television premiere of Lon Chaney, Man of 1000 Faces.

When the Cat’s Away! – Usher and Dan-Dan are left alone for the night – featuring a tribute to Christopher Lee (of course!) and Laverne and Shirley (huh?)
Halloween Parade! – Prof. Griffin, and the gang celebrate Halloween with Fangoria TV and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade!
Lights Out! – A special preview of Fangoria TV’s GHOST STORIES EVP- and a power failure!
Triple Threat Sideshow – 3 different horror showcases- Golgotha, AR – The Damned Thing-
Plus an exclusive behind the scenes look at KNB effects studios!
Bored to Death – A two-part exhibition featuring Bela Lugosi in Scared to Death!